Be Courageous. Be You. (Free Personal Brand Playbook)

"The most corageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud." - Coco Chanel

One of our greatest passions is to help individuals and businesses tell their personal and professional brand story. Your personal brand is the unique combination of your past, present, and even future experiences that make you who you are. It is how you both present yourself to the world and help buyers understand why you should be their go-to-person. We have compiled our top 5 steps for creating a compelling, authentic and personal brand story and have also included a downloadable 18-Page Free Personal Brand Workbook for you to use.


  • CREATE YOUR FOUNDATION: Grab a blank sheet of paper (or use our 18-Page Free Personal Brand Playbook) and start to purposefully and strategically create the foundation of your personal brand that showcases your authentic self. It is critical your personal brand is a reflection of what you are passionate about, your unique skills, and your values.  Think about why you do what you do and why you serve the audience you serve. Document your skills, passions, core values, personality, vision, and beliefs. When listing your skills pay close attention to your areas of specialty.
  • DEFINE YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Customers are the lifeline to your business. If you understand their needs, wants and motivations you will have a greater chance of providing them with the service, products, and solutions they desire. Define your ultimate customer you serve and why they pick you to be their go-to partner. What pain points and challenges do you assist them with?
    • Remember, our Personal Brand Playbook is just a click away. Within this 18-page playbook, we provide the framework that will help ensure you are building a personal brand that’s both growth driven AND aligned with your passions. It also includes lead generation tips on how to market and position yourself as an authority in your field. We also dive deep (without any crazy persona exercises) into properly identifying your ideal buyer and help you build your strategy, plan your actions and crush your goals. It’s time to live to your greatest potential and own your bad*ssery! 

  • PROVIDE AN OFFER THEY WILL LOVE: You can create the formula for your offer by listing all of the items you love to do. After you have created this list, pick the top 3 items that you are the absolute best at doing. Next, list as many clients requests that you receive on a regular basis. Also, include what they expect from you as it relates to service, product offerings, buyer enablement tools and even your responsiveness to their requests.
  • YOUR ZONE OF GENIUS: Humans connect with humans. And your clients specifically work with you because of the unique and authentic value you bring to them each and every day. Identify the common questions your customers are asking you and what needs they have that are not being met. Create a list of topic ideas, guides, and resources that you can provide to make their life easier. These will help build your personal brand and grow your audience.
  • TELL YOUR STORY, BUILD YOUR CONTENT, AND EXECUTE YOUR GO-TO-MARKET STRATEGY: We recommend creating a personal website and contact page. If this is not possible, start with a strong LinkedIn personal page in addition to other optichannel sales and marketing tools. We’ve included topic and content ideas within the 18-Page Free Personal Brand Playbook to get you started. You will also find a monthly, weekly and daily calendar to use for your marketing and growth efforts.

Once you complete the playbook, you will be ready to start sharing your personal brand with the world and create offers your customers will love. Go get’m zebra!

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