The Power of a Lock in Packaging

If you want your packaging and brand to really stand out and create suspense in your offering, consider using a combination paddle lock in your next marketing strategy. Let’s take a look at how DSCOOP used this creative marketing technique in their Fusion Edge Marketing Campaign. 

I had to attend the event just so I could get the combination to open the lock and see what was inside!


With the acceleration of marketers using digital communications to interact with their audiences, consumers are experiencing digital burnout. So how does a brand engage with customers and break through the digital clutter? They combine print, packaging and direct mail into their marketing approach. 

This is exactly what DSCOOP did for their Edge Fusion Hybrid Global Event. The use of a combination paddle lock on their recipients packaging was used to create suspense and ‘lock-in’ engagement. Here are a few pictures of the actual packaging that was sent to prospects and attendees of the event (compliments of Michael Keene from The John Roberts Company. 

They also attempted to use personalization within the campaign, however, I think they should have taken it a step further and used the individuals first and last name vs. only the company name. Tip: Marketing materials featuring high levels of personalization yield a dramatically higher ROI. 

Although one could open the box before the event, why would you want to ruin the anticipation of the unboxing experience? Speaking of unboxing, check out all the goodies! Ready to create your next unboxing experience? Let’s connect. 

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